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01/29 11:14

잡아야 산다  재밌게 보았습니다  극 중 고등학생이  그래도 오늘 밤처럼   재밌는 밤이  있었냐 할 때  가슴이  짠 했습니다  다보고 나니 가슴이 뻥 뚫리고  왠지 기분이  카타르시스를  느껐어요  앞으로의  행보도 기대합니다

01/07 00:07

라스보다가  생각나서 적습니다~
오랫만에 얼굴보니 반갑네요~^^
군 생활 같이하고~  그이후로는 본적이 없네요~
혹시 기억나시면 좋겠네요~
힌트 드릴께요~~
1.포병연대본부 / 2.마포~~ㅋㅋ
항상 홧팅 하세요^^

08/19 19:58

사랑한다 승우야 보고 싶다

04/02 22:50

your last episode in 1n2d was very sad. because the only
reason i want to watch korea program is just because of you,
i think that now, i don't have anymore program to watch since win win get cancelled and you quit from 1n2d and died in iris2.
hope that u are soon get a new program or drama.

Have a blessed day mr Kim

03/08 23:24

Mr Kim, why did you leave 1n2d? i just fell so sad about that news. I just keep watching that show because of you, then if you are gone, then i will say good bye too for 1n2d. I hope what you choose is the best option for you.
Have a good day :D

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